Micki Browning writes about savvy women overcoming adversity to solve crimes and right wrongs.

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Need to Know

When and how do you write?

I wish I could say I’m a disciplined writer with a set schedule, but I’m not. The first thing I need to know about a story is how my villain committed the crime. Once that’s determined, I tend to reverse engineer the story. In a nutshell, I plot from the point of view of the antagonist and write from the perspective of the protagonist. After that, it takes a copious amount of tea, a fair amount of dark chocolate, and a lot of time in front of a computer.

Are the places you write about real?

It depends. The Florida Keys dive sites are all real, but topside, if something nefarious happened at the location, you can bet I reached for my literary license and created a new place. There is no such place as Echo Valley in Colorado. However, the topography is remarkably similar to a popular southwest city where I used to work. I assure you, the similarities end there.

Do your books need to be read in order?

Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but you’ll get more character insight if you read Adrift before Beached.  Likewise, Shadow Ridge is the first of the series, followed by Mercy Creek.

Is Jo based on you?

No, but she shares my passion for championing the underdog.

What about Mer?

Nope, she’s way smarter than I am.

How can I keep up-to-date on your book releases, reviews, and other news?

Newsletter followers always get the scoop first–there’s a handy, albeit annoying, pop-up for your convenience. (You’ll even get a free short story just for signing up!)

If you only want information on my new releases, follow me on Bookbub

As for social media? You can find me on Facebook—I post all kinds of nonsense there. I tend to be a little more professional on Twitter. And I’m just starting to get the hang of Instagram

Lastly, there’s my Amazon author page: Amazon does what it wants, but this usually includes sending notices about my new releases.

Where can I get a signed copy of your book?

If you are looking for Beached and in the area of Jupiter, Florida, stop by Jupiter Dive Center. Otherwise, send me a note through my Contact page and I can make arrangements to send you a signed copy.

How can I get you to appear at my bookstore, library or other speaking event?

Easy! Go to the Contact page on my website, fill in the blanks on the contact form and hit submit. I’ll check my calendar and see what can be arranged.

Confidential (Never Asked Questions)

  1. I’ve landed on and been catapulted off the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier while it was performing war games in the Gulf of Mexico.  
  2. I hate mushrooms.
  3. I have Vulcan hearing, but need glasses.
  4. I received my first byline for a poem I wrote as a first-grade student.
  5. I still have it.
  6. The first concert I ever went to was Barry Manilow. My second was Rush. Rush was much better.
  7. I’ve read the Canterbury Tales in Middle English. 
  8. I have a Stellaluna bat hanging upside down from a lamp in my office.
  9. I’ve run a half marathon, lots of 5ks, competed in mini-triathlons, completed a century bike ride, ridden three Quarter Horse to Purgatory bicycle races (25 miles with 2300 feet of vertical climb), was both an AAU and varsity swimmer, played on the boy’s high school varsity water polo team, and failed tennis. 
  10. I love fruitcake. And I won’t apologize for it.
110 feet deep entering the USS Spiegel Grove
At the Colorado Pro Cycling Classic (as a spectator) — before I got chased off the podium