Let’s face it, it’s an odd time right now for everyone, and sadly, many of the conferences and in-person events I had scheduled have been canceled due to Coronavirus. Things will pick up again, but in the meantime, I hope you and yours are well and that you remain safe. ~Micki


July 7 – 10 ~ SLEUTHFEST returns to Southern Florida for an in-person writers conference. Noir at the Bar, plenty of panels, and I’ll be presenting a workshop on underwater investigations! I hope to see you there!

August 4 ~ I had the recent good fortune to chat with host Ann Bocock of Between the Covers–South Florida PBS. This summer, the series spotlights twelve Florida authors. My segment airs August 4th. (I’ll update links as they go live.) Oh, and you may recognize someone towards the end of the promo!

March 23, 8–9pm EDT~ Listen in as I chat with author and podcaster Russ Colchamiro on his show Russ’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster!

March 13, 2-4pm ~ Delray Beach Public Library Local Author Fest 2022.

March 11, 7pm ~ Interview with author David Putnam at Murder on the Beach. We’ll be discussing his latest book The Sinister and how his former career in law enforcement has informed his writing.

November 10 ~ “Ten Things I’ve Learned About Writing” on Chicks on the Case. *Spoiler alert!* Writing drunk only works in movies!

October 11-November 5th ~ It’s a virtual book tour!

  • 10/11 Review @ Book Reviews from an Avid Reader “That Browning has police experience really shows in this novel.”
  • 10/12 Review @ Erica Robyn Reads “When everything is resolved at the end, I was shocked but also felt that the author did a great job dropping hints here and there to guide us to where we ended up.”
  • 10/12 Review @ The World As I See It “Mercy Creek by M.E. Browning was a great book. “
  • 10/13 Review @ Novels Alive “Twists and turns continue to develop as the story races to a dramatic finish that I could never have imagined when I first started the book. Mercy Creek is a captivating thriller that maintained my attention from start to finish.”
  • 10/14 Review @ 5 Minutes for Books “It’s well-written and evenly plotted, with realistic characters that draw you in…. Highly recommended.”
  • 10/14 Review @ Books of My Heart ” Jo does a great job with following the evidence in the face of extreme pressure.”
  • 10/15 Interview @ A Blue Million Books
  • 10/15 Review @ Buried Under Books “Police procedurals come in all shapes and sizes but, to my way of thinking, the most effective are those that allow the reader into the characters’ psyches. Ms. Browning does this quite well but then takes us further by giving us a compelling plot.”
  • 10/16 Review @ Review Thick and Thin “The author keeps you guessing, not just about the ending, but also about the psychology or motive behind the crime.”
  • 10/17 Review/showcase @ Addictedtobooks86 “The author does an amazing job of character development and developing a strong story that is sure to keep the reader engaged and interested.”
  • 10/19 Review @ sunny island breezes “You’re going to get some adrenaline flowing and some surprises near the end of the book.”
  • 10/19 Review @ The Book Connection “If you enjoy mysteries filled with secrets, tons of twists and turns, and powerful conclusions, you will want to grab Mercy Creek by M. E. Browning.”
  • 10/20 Review @ Avonna Loves Genres “I am always amazed and intrigued with the intricate plotting and step-by-step investigations in this author’s stories. The plots and characters are both believable and emotionally engaging.”
  • 10/21 Review @ Book Reviews & More by Kathy “With stunning twists and turns, M.E. Browning brings this clever police procedural to an edge-of-the seat, dramatic conclusion. I highly recommend this outstanding Jo Wyatt Mystery to fans of the genre.”
  • 10/21 Review @ A Quiet Fury BooksMercy Creek takes us to Echo Valley, Colorado, where the town is small, the landscape is vast, and the relationships are complicated.”
  • 10/22 Review @ Celticladys Reviews “… taut, suspenseful well researched and written with knowledge that is definitely in the pages of the novel. I highly recommend it.”
  • 10/23 Interview @ I Read What You Write
  • 10/24 Review @ Pat Fayo Reviews “I found it intriguing and captivating.”
  • 10/25 Guest post: The Importance of First Lines @ Novels Alive
  • 10/26 Guest post “When a Child Goes Missing: Facts in Fiction” @ The Book Divas Reads
  • 10/26 Review @ Reading A Page Turner ” I fell quick for Browning’s writing.”
  • 10/27 Review @ Nesies Place “Like Shadow Ridge, this amazing read is not short on plot twists and emotions. The author does a great job of distraction and misdirection during the search for a missing child and the person who took her.”
  • 10/28 Review @ Totally Addicted to Reading “Mercy Creek reminded me of the reasons I admired Detective Jo Wyatt. A no nonsense woman who made it her mission to find justice for victims.”
  • 10/29 Review @ Margaret Yelton “I found this to be a very intense book that I couldn’t put down, it pulled me in from the beginning.”
  • 10/30 Review @ Books with Bircky “This book is an interesting read and a slow burn.”
  • 10/30 Review @ Savings in seconds “Author M. E. Browning has a writing style that lends itself to introspective action….you can see the wheels turning while you’re on the roller coaster. It’s exciting and interesting all at once.”
  • 11/01 Review @ Brooke Blogs “M.E. Browning has an incredible talent. Mercy Creek reached out from the first page and grabbed me and didn’t let me go. 5 Stars!”
  • 11/02 Review @ Author Elena Taylors Blog “M.E. Browning had me at book one. Jo Wyatt is a tough, smart, thoughtful protagonist, who isn’t afraid to put herself on the line to solve a crime. Then I read book two. And fell even harder. Mercy Creek sucked me in with high stakes, compelling characters, and an ever-more-mature author voice.”
  • 11/03 Review @ Jersey Girl Book ReviewsMercy Creek has enough drama, tension, action, dark secrets, intrigue, and unexpected twists and turns that will take the reader on one heck of a thrilling roller coaster ride.”
  • 11/04 Review @ Archaeolibrarian – I Dig Good Books! “Mercy Creek, will have you hooked and slipping deep into the intrigue of this seemingly perfect town.”
  • 11/04 Review @One More Book To Read “My goodness, what a mystery!… A definite 5-star read!”
  • 11/05 Review @ Nana’s Book Reviews “If you love good mysteries then you ought to read this one, you won’t regret it. I was hooked since the first page and I am still reeling after everything that happened. I will rate it with 5 stars.”

October 22 ~ Corks and Conversation! Grab a glass and come chat with Cathie and Christi and me (I chose 1000 stories cabernet) on Game of Books podcast! Check out what I say about writing during the pandemic, twisty endings, and more!

October 19 ~ Writers are frequently asked about their writing rituals. I’ve never had one…or do I? Find out today on Jungle Red Writers.

October 15 ~ Detective Jo Wyatt speaks for herself on Dru’s Book Musing today!

October 13 ~ Sinister opportunities abound where innocence—and its loss—collide. Discover the five books that inspired me to set my opening scene of Mercy Creek at the County Fair on Crimereads!

October 13 ~ Join me on author Elena Taylor’s blog today where I share some insider info regarding Mercy Creek and why I have a bat in my office…

October 13 ~ Author E.B. Davis gives me the third degree and reviews Mercy Creek on Writers Who Kill.

October 12 ~ Mercy Creek, a riveting mystery that captures the complexities of families, friendships, and the secrets that can ultimately destroy them. Now available in hardcover, digital and audio! Buy your copy now!

August 27 ~ Fellow crime writer Donnell Ann Bell shines the spotlight on my writing process, the value of hope, and the danger of research at Help From My Friends, Friday Interview.

June 26 ~ The Colorado Book Awards online celebration event! Shadow Ridge was honored with the Colorado Book Award in Mystery! Check out yours truly in this 4-minute clip of the Mystery Category presentation.

May 5 ~ Writing what you know is only half the equation. Learning what to leave out is every bit as important. Jungle Red Writers .


December virtual book tour ~ Spotlights, reviews, excerpts, and interviews.

  • 12/01 ~ Check out this five-star review at @njbookaholics_anonymous on Instagram
  • 12/02 ~ Erica Robyn Reads reviews Shadow Ridge and shares some of her favorite passages
  • 12/03 ~ Cybercrimes may start online, but it has real world repercussions. Today my guest post at Novels Alive explores how you can improve your online safety
  • 12/03 ~ 5 Minutes for Books reviews Shadow Ridge. “The writing is taut, the characters well developed, and the plot gripping.”
  • 12/04 ~ A rapid-fire What-do-you-love / What-do-you-hate interview at A Blue Million Books
  • 12/06 ~ My writer’s journey–a blog post in three acts, at The Review Crew
  • 12/07 ~ Music is an important component of my writing process. Check out my playlist on Books Chatter
  • 12/07 ~ “Shadow Ridge is an atmospheric read. The haunting elements of murders and cover-ups is balanced perfectly with Jo Wyatt’s blunt and driven personality.” See the full review at Quirky Cats Fat Stacks
  • 12/08 ~ “Shadow Ridge is an intriguing mystery with a multi-layered storyline.” Check out the review at Book Reviews & More by Kathy and enter the giveaway, here!
  • 12/10 ~ “This book introduces a new series with a strong, female police detective, reminiscent of David Baldacci’s Atlee Pine.” And honestly, what author wouldn’t want to be compared to David Baldacci? Books with Bircky
  • 12/11 ~ “Shadow Ridge delivered on all counts.” Check out the full review and showcase at Totally Addicted to Reading
  • 12/12 ~ Jo Wyatt is not based on me, but we do share a love for this…learn what it is in this interview and showcase at CMash Reads
  • 12/14 ~ “Shadow Ridge is an atmospheric mystery with a sprinkling of drama and a twist of ‘I didn’t see that coming.’” Read more of this review at Quiet Fury Books
  • 12/16 ~ “I am a fan of the Mer Cavallo mystery series by this author written under the name of Micki Browning, so I was looking forward to reading this new book and I was not disappointed.” Review and showcase at Avonna Loves Genres
  • 12/17 ~ “Shadow Ridge . . . one of my favorite mysteries of the year! Don’t miss the start of a terrific new series by author M.E. Browning.” Showcase and review at fellow author Elena Taylor’s blog!
  • 12/18 ~ “Shadow Ridge has enough drama, tension, action, dark secrets, intrigue, and unexpected twists and turns that will take the reader on one heck of a thrilling roller coaster ride.” Review at Jersey Girl Book Reviews
  • 12/19 ~ “Shadow Ridge is the first book in a series I’m sure is going to become a sensation!” Review at All Books Great and Small
  • 12/21 ~ “This well-written, slow-burn mystery was character-driven…and everyone carries scars from the past.” Read the full review at Nesies Place! (and remember to sign up to win!)
  • 12/22 ~ Are you an audio book fan? “I try to stay busy while I listen and this one was so engrossing, I sat down and just enjoyed the listen.” Review at Rozie Reads and Wine
  • 12/29 ~ “This has all the earmarks to be a great new thriller series.” Review at A Room Without Books is Empty
  • 12/30 ~ “Shadow Ridge by M.E. Browning was a great book.” Review at The World As I See It

October 28 ~ Authors onthe Air interview by Pam Stack where we discuss underwater investigations, Shadow Ridge, gaming, and all manner of shenanigans….

October 16 ~ Grab your favorite tipple and come on over to Game of Books for an episode of Corks and Conversations with M.E. Browning! Here’s the podcast link, and here is the vlog!

October 14 ~ The “Credibility Bookcase” has been touted in the New York Times as the quarantine’s hottest accessory. Join me at Chicks on the Case where I lay out my defense of the incredibility bookcase. 

October 10 ~ Detective Jo Wyatt reveals firsthand what one of her days looks like in A Day in my Life by Jo Wyatt at Dru’s Book Musings!

October 9 ~ Join me at Austin Mystery Writers where I share how Shadow Ridge came to be and what’s next for both me and Jo Wyatt.

October 9 ~ Fellow crime writer Donnell Ann Bell shines the spotlight on my writing process, my love/hate relationship with snow, and what’s next for Detective Jo Wyatt in her Help From My Friends, Friday Interview.

October 8 ~ Author extraordinaire Marni Graff reviews Shadow Ridge on Auntie M Crime Review.

October 7 ~ Author E.B. Davis gives me the third degree and reviews Shadow Ridge on Writers WhoKill.

October 4 ~ Fellow crime writer Elena Taylor reviews Shadow Ridge and interrogates me in this author interview!

October 1 ~ Shadow Ridge preview in The Big Thrill Magazine. Learn what draws me to the genre, who has influenced my writing (and why), plus one thing you won’t find on the jacket copy!

August 2 ~ Law enforcement officers spend a tremendous amount of time talking to people, and the better they are at communicating, the more effective they are in their job. Join me on Women Writers, Women(‘s) Books where I talk about tactical communications–and how it may be just what your story needs–or not.

July 15 ~ Jurisdiction is confusing, and if you don’t get it right, as a writer, you risk losing your audience. Here are some tips to help make sure the officer, deputy, or agent you create shows up in the right scene. Join me on Women Writers, Women(‘s) Books to find out how!