Adrift Book Club Discussion

What do you think?

  1. Based on Mer’s scientific background as a marine biologist, she struggles with anything that can’t be scientifically replicated—whether it’s paranormal phenomena or religion. How does that help or hinder her investigation in Adrift?
  2. Mer draws strength from her parents and brothers.  Faith has always been a topic of contention between her and her brother Franky, a priest. Why do you think she reached out to him during her moment of crisis?
  3. Mer survived a near-drowning as a child. How did that influence her career choice?
  4. Bijoux is a smart and successful businesswoman. What aspect of her personality allows her to put faith in Tarot?
  5. Mer’s relationship with Selkie is complicated, but she’s clearly drawn to him. Considering Mer’s independent streak, what are their chances of finding happiness together?
  6. Detective Talbot is a no-nonsense, dedicated man of the law. After Mer is arrested, he is brought in to question her. As he presents the evidence against her, he appears disappointed. Why do you think that’s the case?
  7. Mer is a woman who doesn’t believe in superstitions, so why do you think she touches her pendant before every rescue?
  8. Near the end of the story, Detective Talbot pulls Mer from the ocean. The pendant she always wears around her neck is instead clutched in her hand, but the chain isn’t broken. Is there a rational explanation considering the circumstances? How did it happen?
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