Beached Book Club Discussion

A book image of BEACHED, the 2nd Mer Cavallo Mystery

What do you think?

  1. Mer’s scientific background as a marine biologist adds structure to her life that she finds comforting. Yet twice now, she’s found herself faced by situations that spiral beyond her control. How does this latest adventure move her beyond her comfort zone?
  2. Mer is a woman driven by fact. What makes her take that first step to investigate a legend?
  3. Considering the danger Mer faces in Beached, what do you think is keeping her in the Keys?
  4. Bijoux is a smart and successful businesswoman. Why do you suppose she places her business at risk to help Mer?
  5. Mer’s relationship with Selkie is complicated, but she’s clearly drawn to him. Considering Mer’s independent streak, what are their chances of finding happiness together?
  6. Detective Talbot is a no-nonsense, dedicated man of the law. Does that make his confession to Mer about his daughter more or less surprising?
  7. Oscar Vigil is an archivist with a passion for history. Why do you suppose he jeopardized the very thing he’d dedicated his life to preserving?
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