Shadow Ridge

An impressive debut. M.E. Browning has created a real page turner, and a compelling series character with Jo Wyatt.

 ~Chris Mooney, bestselling author of the Darby McCormick series

Micki Browning

Retired police captain M.E. Browning is the author of the forthcoming novel, Shadow Ridge, featuring Colorado detective Jo Wyatt, and the award-winning Mer Cavallo Mysteries.

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An action-packed read from beginning to end with a resourceful and engaging heroine. I defy you to read this book and not immediately want to dive into the next Mer Cavallo mystery! Beached is a winner.

Laura Disilverio
Best-selling and Award Winning Author

“BEACHED is a non-stop mystery thrill ride…”

Basil Sands
Reviewer, The Big Thrill

As a sequel, Beached does not disappoint. The taut thriller builds on Browning’s adept storytelling and character development. The historical elements of this undersea mystery are an immensely satisfying addition.

Mandy Mikulencak
Author of The Last Suppers

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Controlling Conflict with Words

Law enforcement officers often interact with people who don’t want to participate in polite conversation. It’s part of the job. So how do they do it?

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